My Majors Only Tarot Deck Design-Element Energies Major Arcana

So, I didn’t have a tarot deck any more and because of budgeting and all that fun stuff, I thought it would be cheaper to design and make my own deck…haha! It was not at all cheaper. Didn’t think it through I guess, but felt compelled to do it. It was a fun experience and journey, and I’m not sure if I’m done with the deck yet. I am still mulling over whether or not to make the deck a full deck and add all the minor arcana to it. We will see, but I wouldn’t get it finished for a while anyways. I’m pretty sure the way I set it all up at this point, it might not need to have all the minors added in, and it seems to be working out for reading quite well.

Basically, the deck is a majors only deck, combined with a small set of oracle type cards to it. Really what happened is when I was looking at making the deck through the printing services I thought I had to have 36 cards to have a deck printed, so I was like, well I guess I need to make some extra cards to fill in the blanks, and started coming up with some extra card designs and ideas to fill those spots to get the deck printed. Turns out I was being ridiculous and not understanding that you didn’t have to have the set number of 36 cards to get them printed, but that was just a maximum number of cards for that set price. Some times I think too hard. Either way I am happy with the way it turned out.

I’m not sure if the idea behind it really makes much sense for the cards I added to the deck, but it is what it is, and I find them to be usable. I had decided, after going through a handful of different ideas, to add a set of oracle type cards based on elements and aspects of elements. I kind of geared them towards the Chinese elements, because I vibe with Chinese stuff a lot.
There are a couple cards in the elements group of oracles that are probably not elements really, but they are there. I also added dragons in the art work for quite a few cards because I think dragons are awesome, and they go with the Chinese elements.
I started off with drawing all of the designs by hand in pencil, then traced out the sketch work with micron pens. After that I scanned in all of the cards and got to work with the photo editing. Sharpening and darkening up the drawings, then adding in all the colors and text. It took a while to get it all put together.

The deck in total is 36 cards. The 22 Major Arcana of Tarot, then 13 element type oracle cards, and 1 blank card. The blank card is taken from the idea and meaning of the blank rune in Elder Futhark.
I have decided to name the deck “Element Energies Major Arcana”. Probably not the coolest name ever, but that was the best I could come up with.

I typed up a meanings booklet for the deck, got the cards printed, and now getting a second deck printed. I wanted to make some touch ups on a handful of the cards, and to change the text colors for them. Also wanted to see if they looked better on a smooth card stock rather than a linen cards stock. Think I am leaning towards the linen card stock though, but we will see how they turn out on the smooth card stock.
Figuring on putting them up for sale, once I get this second printing delivered, and make sure they are all done up they way I want them to be, and decide on the card stock that works best with the art work.
So if anyone wants to grab a deck for themselves, they will be able to get one. Just waiting on the deck to be printed and delivered. Figuring it will take about a week from now.

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