Making Space Pictures with GIMP Photo Editor

So, I was chillin out the other night, and was thinking it might be fun to make some pictures of space scenes. And did some basic google searches to find a couple to tutorials, and to see what I could pull off. I found a two that I really liked, so I thought that I would share the tutorials for anyone else that might like to make space scenes themselves.

So if you’ve never heard of GIMP, it’s a free photo editing software that anyone can get. Its pretty similar to Photoshop. I think it’s a great starting place for anyone who wants to mess around with some graphic design without breaking their wallet, and GIMP is definitely more than capable of being used for professional work as well. (Another free graphics program that is good to have and use in conjunction with GIMP would be Inkscape, its basically a free version of Adobe Illustrator.) Here’s a link to get GIMP if you want to try it out:


Also Inkscape if your interested in checking it out:


Both of these programs are great, and free. There are tons of online tutorials on YouTube and stuff that anyone can find to learn some graphic design as a hobby or way to make some extra money doing free lance.

And finally on to the tutorials that I found to make space scenes.



I have in some ways combined methods from both of these tutorials to make some scenes. Like using the sparkle filter to brighten things up, even though its only mentioned in one of the tutorials. I like to mix and match stuff in general, depending on how well they work or apply to what I’m trying to accomplish in my work(and in general).

The tutorials might take a little bit of time to read through but its not much, and if you have no experience with the programs there is a slight learning curve, of basically finding where the different tools and commands are located. I am still learning them myself. And I figure you could pretty much find the same commands to pull this this off in Photoshop fairly easily.

I’ve got a ways to go in refining the techniques and adding to these types of pictures, but I am quite content with they way they have been turning out. You just have to mess around with the effects and tools to see what happens. The undo button is pretty awesome.

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