Just a lame video game I made-Space Dragons

Yeah. Exactly what the title says.
I was wanting to make old school type video games for a while, just for fun, and I made a space shooter type game. It’s called Space Dragons.

I used the program Gdevelop to make it, and there weren’t a lot of tutorials on how to make the shooter games with it, and I had no clue how to use the program either.
I used the old version of the program, rather than the new one because it had the style of space shooter I wanted, which scrolled horizontally rather than vertically.
After tons of digging through old forums and YouTube tutorials, I put together this super short game. I wanna say it took me about a month to throw this altogether.
I wanted to go all out, add bosses and all the typical stuff you usually find in a game like that, but it was really hard to find out how to do that. Still haven’t figured out how to make a boss battle part yet.

I went to try and work on finishing the game out today, and wanted to try and add at least one boss. But, of course, somehow I don’t have the saved file for the game. I had a saved file for it that was a save from before I had added all of the different characters, some backgrounds and sounds. I could, and might just restart and do it over and make it a little different. Probably another day, not in the mood to restart the whole thing today. I am glad that I exported the game as a playable EXE file when I had something that was more or less playable.

It’s really short and not all that cool, but its a game. The goal in the game is to collect as many space gems as you can. You use the arrow keys to move and the CTRL on the right of the keyboard to fire lasers. There are life bonuses throughout the game, which are necessary to make it to the end. You have to see if you can collect all of the space gems and get to the finish. If you don’t go into the finish, you just keep going on forever on a black screen, flying off into oblivion.

If you can’t tell, I designed and drew up the characters myself, and most of the background stuff is my work as well. And the super cool castle at the end, created by yours truly.
It’s kinda cheesy, and lame, but it was a fun learning experience.
I am going to put it up for download, just because I can.


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