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So I’m pretty into animal totems, and find them useful for learning about myself through their symbolism. I usually lean towards native american interpretations for the most part, buy like to explore as many different cultural interpretations as I can, and find which ones fit best with me, or the situation. Putting together the situational aspects, with the animals aspects. Every culture has its own interpretations of what animals mean and represents, although there are some that overlap in their messages.

I think for the most part I have my own personal way of interpreting the times and ways I may look into the symbolism of an animal. If there’s an animal I keep seeing, or one that interacts and presents itself in an obvious or intriguing manner, I might look into the symbolism of the animal. Or if its at a time where I might need some guidance, or direction, I will see what the animals have to say, and if it coincides with the situation, or issues at hand. I don’t usually ask a question and wait to see what happens, or anything like that, I kind of just let things happen organically, I guess you could say. Its more of a vibe kind of thing. After looking up what the symbolism of the animal is I take a time of introspection to truly seek out the connections, if any, and find what I might not be seeing in the situation, and taking a good look at myself and the situation, in a more objective way, most of the time. If anything, when there is no real applicability to the situations at hand, I might look into the traits of the specific animal and see if taking on any of their traits may help me. And I don’t mean I act like the animal and start squawking like a magpie, or walking around like pigeon, hah! Although, that might be a fairly fun and humorous thing to do. I mean by taking on the traits as, I guess, the demeanor of the animal. For example, maybe I’ve been working really hard lately with nothing to really show, and I see a sparrow, having rarely or not in a long while seen one. Looking into its symbolism, on of the associated traits of the sparrow is persistence. I might go ahead and take on that trait and keep on working hard on whatever it is that I have been doing, and try a little harder to do better at the task or figuring out the problem. Those kinds of traits. yeah. Its always good to use some objective logic between it all.

Seeing animals in dreams is usually pretty rare for me. So when they show up, i usually pay them some attention, when I remember my dreams at least. They can appear in different situations, and I find that their demeanor can help with deciphering the message of that they wish to convey. The message is usually in line with one, or maybe more, of the aspects of the animals meaning and symbolism. Also taking into account whats going on in the dream, the mood of everything.

There is also the idea of having a spirit animal. One or more that relates to and helps throughout ones life. There are a lot of different animals that it could be, and I don’t think a person really gets to choose what their spirit animal is, I think they might be the ones doing the choosing.

There are a ton of resources one can find online, and in books, for learning about the symbolism of different animals. One book I think is good is Animal Speak.

Another one that’s a really good and quick reference, and awesome travel size, is The Pocket Guide To Spirit Animals. Animals.

This is another good, and informative read for anyone looking to learn about animal totems.

Oh yeah, and this site is what inspired me to even write this blog entry. https://foxloft.com/animal-totem-jewelry

I ran across it while looking for animal symbolism’s online, and it was one I hadn’t seen before. I checked it out, and its this cool site with some awesome jewelry. I was really impressed with how extensive the list of totems and their meanings was, and really liked the style of the jewelry, so I thought I’d share it with everyone. There’s a bunch of other cool stuffs there too.

Hope you enjoyed this short read, I’m still working on my blogging, so hopefully it was a decent read, with some fun and informative content. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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